The Etta Baker Project

Photo by David Holt,

Etta Baker Project Workshops

Part of the Etta Baker Projects goals is to teach others about the rich trove of music treasures found in piedmont guitar music and to teach guitarists an Etta Baker tune or two.  Below is a description or the current EBP workshop available.  Please contact Paul Lucas at to schedule a workshop or to answer questions about the workshop.

Piedmont Blues Guitar of Etta Baker

This is a hands on 2 hour workshop for intermediate guitarists that already play fingerstyle guitar.  The workshop includes a brief introduction to Piedmont Blues Guitar and Etta Baker.  After the introduction the rest of the workshop would be devoted to teaching workshop participants two Etta Baker songs (I Get the Blues When It Rains and Baby Let me Lay It On You for this workshop).  Guitar Notation/Tablature will be given to the workshop participants.  Recording devices are encouraged.

Right click to download any of the following workshop artifacts to your local computer.

Workshop Handout -> EttaBakerWorkshop_2010_02_13.pdf

Guitar Tab for I Get the Blues When It Rains ->  IGetTheBlues.pdf

Audio example (played by Paul Lucas) -> I Get The Blues When It Rains.mp3

Guitar Tab for Baby Let Me Lay It On You -> BabyLetMe.pdf

Audio example (played by Paul Lucas) -> Baby Let Me Lay It On You.mp3