The Etta Baker Project

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“From Bob Dylan to Taj Mahal, Etta has influenced the best of American music for 50 years” - Timothy Duffy from the back cover of Etta Baker with Taj Mahal.

The mission of the Etta Baker Project is to promote and preserve the rich musical legacy of Etta Baker.  The Etta Baker Project web site will provide information and links to articles, audio and video recordings, and information and links to guitar tab for the guitar player that wants to delve more deeply into Etta’s rich music legacy.

Etta’s music ranges over a century of music styles and influences from 19th century parlor music to post-WW II electric blues.  Her father, Boone Reid, taught Etta to play a variety of instruments while growing up in North Carolina and Virginia.  Fortunately for guitar players, Etta adopted the guitar as her primary instrument.

My hope is that EBP will give you a deeper appreciation for Etta Baker and her music, and that it will encourage you to seek out other great Piedmont style guitarists from the past (Blind Blake) to the present (John Cephas and Roy Book Binder).

If you would like to learn more about Etta Baker’s music and maybe learn one of Etta’s tune consider sponsoring an Etta Baker Workshop -> EBP Workshop

If you have a question or would like to contribute content to EBP, please send an email to Paul Lucas at:

Welcome to the Etta Baker Project